What is Heart Rate Variability and Why it matters a lot for seniors?

What is Heart Rate Variability and Why it matters a lot for seniors?

A healthy life is a blessing for everyone. With good health, an individual can accomplish his daily life task, without good health nothing is possible. Good mental health and a healthy heart are basic needs to stay positive.

With the passage of time, there are so many old citizens that suffer multiple diseases but the most known disease is a heart attack and this is very common in the United States. Heart variability means the time interval between every heartbeat. 

The beat to beat interval is heart variability. You might have experienced that your heart rate increases after when you perform any physical exercise. Hyper-recovery leads to abnormal heart rate.

Heart rate variability affects people of all ages but it is more likely to happen with seniors. meditation are helpful in maintaining a good mood and reduce stress levels, as we know that Heart Rate Variability is sometimes due to overstress and depression. Let us discuss in depth what is Heart Rate Variability and why it matters a lot for seniors. 

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The variation in time between every heartbeat is known as Heart Rate Variability (HRV). the estimated value in every beat is 60 beats per second. In that one minute, your heartbeat beats twice for almost 0.9 seconds. This heart rate variability originates from humans’ central nervous system that has control throughout the body. Avoid dust as dust is not effective for people that suffer from HRV. Always have alumin cap cleaner at your home. 

The heart rate function is manifest by (HRV). This phenomenon is dependant on two factors or processes. One is parasympathetic i.e deactivating and another one is sympathetic i.e activating. The Heart Rate Variability depends upon these two factors as they send signals to the human heart.

If your nervous system is working properly it means that your nervous system is balanced and your heart will beat its beat according to the signals they get from the motor neuron.

These two systems create a fluctuation in the heart. This process is disturbed in senior people due to their age factor and they suffer from Heart Rate Variability that sometimes leads to a heart attack.

Parasympathetic Process

There are nerves that carry motor signals to the heart and parasympathetic is the one as it also afferent the signals for reflex function. This process refers to digestion and rest. It lowers the heart rate as it decreases the heartbeat. 

The hormone known as acetylcholine is resealed by the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) that slow down the heartbeat. Factors such as taking a deep breath and relaxing position can lower the heart rate as well.

If any old person feels that his heart rate has increased, their doctors mostly advised them to take a nap or not to do any physical exercise as this might help them to lower the heartbeat.

Sympathetic Process

This process response to exercise and stress and increases heart rate in an individual. The hormone known as Catecholamines – norepinephrine, and epinephrine are released by the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) that accelerates the heart rate in an individual.

In old seniors, the heartbeat can be increased by taking caffein and suffering stress, anxiety, and depression. In greater heart rate some people suffer asthma problems, always kept a nebulizer at your home as it is mandatory for old aged people.  

Precaution for Seniours to Overcome HRV

Many old seniours experience heart rate variability that clearly means that their body is showing response to the sympathetic and parasympathetic process.

But this HRV poorly functions in old aged people, low and high rate of heartbeat is a risk of heart disease that badly affects the daily life of seniors. According to research, low heart rate variability can be dangerous to people as it leads to cardiovascular disease and even death.

Consult to your doctor if you experience low heart rate because precaution that is taken on time can save a person life. 

It is Necessary to Check Heart Rate Variability

It is very important to check the heart rate variability to avoid any mishap. There is a test called Electrocardiogram this test is performed on patients that found any disturbance in their heart rate. The best test to check the heart’s electric activity also called EKG or ECG.

It provides electric signals and with this test, it shows the electric signal from top to bottom of your heart, as it shows the heartbeat per minute. If any senior person has the cardio disease then his heart’s electric activity affects the most. Attaching wires to the chest and examine heart rate is all that electrocardiogram do.

Another device that is associate with this problem is the chest strap shows the accurate heart rate.

In a Nutshell

As the recovery rate of an adult is fast compared to old aged people. It is most important to have a check on seniors’ heart rate just to avoid any cardiovascular disorders.

You have the heart rate variability or not but examine this problem is mandatory for old citizens. Creating awareness can save someone’s life. Our emotional and physical behaviour has a great impact on our nervous system. Stop overstressing about anything and overcome your stress.
A low HRV is dangerous so consult your doctor today and figure out whats your Heart Rate variability is. 1 of 1There are no entries on this page.

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