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Bed and Accessories

According to the FDA, nearly 2.5 million hospital beds and accessories for the home are in use all over the United States.

If you or your loved one recovering from a surgery that needs complete bed rest should be aware of the importance of bed accessories that may help to recover from illness or injury.Bed accessories are designed to meet the daily needs of users or caregivers and offer a superior environment for resting and sleeping. Hospital bed accessories including transport devices, bed boards, bed rail, trapeze bars, etc. They can make the whole bed resting process relaxing, comfortable and nothing to worry about. You can shop the amazing bed and accessories products for your loved ones at DME of America without shipping charges to all over the United States.

Bed Safety Products for Seniors and Disabled

A hospital bed is commonly needed for the injured or disabled, with regards to change positions that increase disabled patient support and lower the danger of bed sores. Making a bedroom more safe and secure helps to make more peaceful sleep along with a more pleasant experience when relaxing or reading in bed. For safety and averting falls, a bed rail permits consideration. Acquire more pressure aching deterrence with the help of a therapeutic, low air-loss mattress planned in view of your safety and comfort. A sleeping cushion overlay also called a mattress pad, will also give a degree of better flow to avert pressure ulcers.

Other than the bed frame and hospital sleeping cushion, there are different approaches to improve the security and usefulness of your bed. An adult bed rail helps in getting up and off the bed also, avert falls like a trapeze bar. Bed wedges offer assistance to support you with getting settled when lying back or sitting up in bed. At DME of America Inc, you can find a line bed aid products and bed accessories like alternating pressure and low air loss mattress system, comfort mattress, full-electric bariatric bed, and more.

Bedroom Safety

Other bed helps for seniors are hip seats, foam contour pillow, clinical stools, Geri chairs, and knee separators. A hip seat is a seat for those with restricted hip suppleness, permitting consumers to sit without emphasizing their hip joints. A Geri seat, or geriatric chair, is cushioned and open for people with low freedom of movement to ease in comfort, and are provided with wheels to permit an individual to transport the patient.

The patients or seniors with low mobility, who wants to put money on their freedom. The patient lifts and slings might be a great choice for them. A patient lift is a safe and secure method to transfer patients from one spot onto the next. To help the patient during any movement, a sling connects to the arm of the lift to help them during transfer. The efficient management of intravenous liquids is made conceivable with an IV pole, which is designed with a wheeled base for better and extra comfort.

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