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Medical Recliners & Lift Chairs

If you are suffering from a medical condition that makes getting up and down into a seated position a challenge for you.

In such a case a medical recliner chair or lift could be a great help for your problem. Medical recliners make treatment easier for your patient and a great way to recover fastly from an injury.

So, if you are looking online for an affordable medical recliner or lift chair consider DME of America your first choice. We are offering a variety of medical recliners and lift chairs at discount offers without any shipping fee all over the United States. Our Products features:

  • Swing-away armrests help patient transfer easily
  • Rocking and gliding features
  • Footrests
  • Padded headrests
  • 360° swivel capability
  • Available in a wide variety of colours

Is trouble getting up from a chair? Don’t worry we have the best solution to your problem. DME of America provides lifting chairs that feature a strong lifting mechanism, enabling the chair to lift from its base, assisting the user to stand up easily. We develop lifting chairs that are comfortable to the user and a person can operate a lifting chair by using a button using a remote rather than to use it manually. Usually, patients with arthritis, back pain, and joint pain use a lifting chair. Doctors mostly recommend lifting chairs to patients diagnosed with these problems and they feel ease to sit and stand. 

Our product including Durasoft Deep Sky, VivaLift, Saratoga Cashmere quotes some important features of a lifting chair that include Footrests, swing-away armrests that help patients to transfer easily. Our lifting chair is designed with padded headrests and Gliding features. The lifting chair we provide is available in several colors. We lift chair experts have designed pockets coil that tends to deliver relaxation, support, and provide extra strength in old aged people, yes lifting chair is the best choice for them. 

Moreover, our lift chair is electronic, in case of battery failure we provide integrated battery backup. DMEs lift chair has a standard lumbar pillow, our transformers focus to feature self-diagnostic electronics with the 9 cord, providing the USB charging port. DME of America came up with the durability and lifetime warranty of the lifting chair. We recommend lift chairs as they are effective to facilitate patients who believe that it is impossible to sit in a relaxing position and it’s the hardest part of functional mobility. We have manifold styles, color coming up in the lifting chair. DME of America is the premium supplier of the lifting chairs and wheelchairs. If you the one looking for the best lifting chair then our product is the best choice for you.

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