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Power Wheelchair – Electric Wheelchair

Mobility issues affect your independence and make life miserable.

A wheelchair is a great solution for your mobility needs however it requires hand efforts or another person to push you. A power wheelchair is the best option to move freely without any one’s help with comfort and confidence.

Need a power wheel for mobility needs? Don’t worry we have got it all covered. At DME of America Inc, you can find a huge variety of power wheelchairs that can solve all of your mobility needs. Our wheelchairs products are specifically designed to deliver the ultimate solutions for your daily mobility needs that will last lifetime reliability, freedom and comfort. Check out our best product offerings and realize that your investment in our products is totally worth it.

Disability makes a person feel sick in his own life. He can not move, stand and sit properly. DME of America brings out the most powerful and authentic power wheelchair for patients suffering a disability. Our power wheelchair consists of several arms, leg and seating options so that patients can accommodate themselves. Providing you with a chair with specifications that you can use outdoors and indoors, even a wheelchair can be transported in your car just for a matter of flexibility for a patient. 

DME of America Inc, have multiple categories of power wheelchair one of the most demanded is manual wheelchairs because it does not need a battery charging. It’s a self-propelled wheelchair. You can move it with your limbs or any other person can push it. We also provide electric vehicles, mobility scooters and power scooters that are ideal to use for handicap and elders. There are great power scooters at DME of America to support mobility. 

Check out our products of bariatric rollators also known as heavy-duty rollators. We specifically design these bariatric rollators for the accommodation of larger users and can bear up to 500 pounds. Another category we provide in a power wheelchair is Titan LTE portable Power Chair, this chair is lightweight and is much easier to use. This portable power chair is a programmable controller i.e user can control it, it has an easy split mechanism and has a Bluetooth controller and contains multiple interchangeable colours. Pride Mobility lightweight electric wheelchairs we provide is extremely compact and portable. This wheelchair folds simply to make travelling smoothly. Have long-lasting durability. We provide the best solution for you to move with freedom. Our products are guaranteed and we ensure you about the best quality and comfort of our power wheelchairs. If you are the one looking for a wheelchair then DMEs power wheelchair is the best choice for you.

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