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Mobility Scooters at DME of America Inc

If you are struggling with mobility issues which cause the amount you can walk or constrains you from walking then you need a device that can maintain your mobility needs and independence.

An electric-powered mobility scooter can help you stay mobilized better than an electric-powered wheelchair for outside use. Moreover, they are less in weight compared to electric wheelchairs.
At DME of America Inc, we have a wide collection of scooters available at affordable prices including

  • Outdoor 4 Wheel Scooter
  • Indoor 4 Wheel Scooter
  • Indoor 3 Wheel Scooter
  • Portable Travel Scooters
  • Heavy Duty Scooter

We are the best choice for mobility scooters as our products are equipped with advanced high-tech and are easy to control. Secondly, our products come with free shipment all over the United States. Stay safe and healthy and choose the best product for your loved ones.

Globally the ratio of disabled people seems to be high. People get offended by their disabilities and by not doing any work. For that purpose DME of America brings you the most comfortable electric-powered mobility scooter that will help you to stay mobilized and independent. These scooters are battery operated scooters especially designed for handicapped individuals and are lighter in weight comparative to an electric wheelchair. Different categories of scooters are available at reasonable rates. We have unique designed scooters such as outdoor 4 wheel scooters i.e Drive SFScout 4 Wheels. This category specifies anti-tip wheel, this scooter has color panels, hide scuffs and scratches, have delta tiller, non-marking tires, quickly connected batteries, ergonomic throttle control with 20AH batteries with maximum range. 

DME of America brings out modern features in scooters like lighting, suspension, and scooters’ ability to fold with a larger control panel. The Go-Go Elite Traveller 3-Wheel scooter we provide can easily disassemble and it has a 33 inches turning radius. This go-go elite traveler 3-wheel scooter provides a delta tiller for easy grip. A charging port that is located on a tiller. This scooter is the best choice for you to travel to smaller spaces in minimum time. This scooter has a weight capacity of about 300 Lb, disassembled up to 5 lightweight pieces for storage and transportation. A dual voltage charger provided that pack off-board and on-board for your convenience, have non-scuffing tires, red and blue colored shrouds, and front frame-mounted seats. 

Multiple categories of mobility like wheelchairs, power wheelchair, and power scooters are available in our store. A portable power scooter is one of them; this scooter is auxiliary to a wheelchair. Single or two batteries are stored in a scooter board, that charge with an onboard battery or a separate charging unit. We assure our products are best to support your disabilities. You can also buy a Heavy Duty Scooter that can bear up to 500 lbs, have a bigger motor, larger tires, and a wider base. Our products are specially equipped with advanced technology and are easy to control. You are searching for a power scooter in the United States and order one from DME of America.

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