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Urology Supplies

All the products that help in the continence care of people are count in urological supplies.

At DME of America Inc, we have a wide range of urological products with exclusive features, serve every facet of catheter care, and addressing various kinds of incontinence especially for disabled and seniors.Our urological supplies can help the disabled, pediatric, or senior in directly ejecting the urine if they are not able to do it normally.

The most commonly buying urological supplies at DME of America Inc are, Cure Catheter Insertion Kits, Cure Intermittent Urologic Catheters, Cure Unisex Catheters, Cure Ultra, Cure U-Shaped Pocket Catheters, catheter lubricants, urinals, penile clamps, insertion trays and many more. Also, here you can get free home delivery to all over the United States.

People who go through surgery, experience very limited mobility with urine incontinence and some patients may have urine retention it means that they are not able to urinate. For that reason, DME of America brings you urology and wound care products, especially for disabled seniors. Our products are used in tandem with drainage bags that are worn on the body and can be hung. We are pleased to offer you an extensive collection of urology products in the form of catheters. We have a cure catheter insertion kit that includes a pair of gloves, underpad, a collection bag, a wipe, and a jelly pack. Our urinary catheters provide external and internal catheter use. 

DME of America provides the urinary accessories which are mostly used in conjunction for preventing infection and with inserting catheters. The removal and insertion of a catheter are called intermittent catheterization (IC). We have Cure Intermittent Urological Catheters Pediatric this catheter provides a lesser risk of having urinary tract infection (UTIs). At DME of America Inc, you will find a complete variety of intermittent urinary catheters for children. The variety of catheters we have are straight tip catheters, red rubber catheters, hydrophilic catheters, silicone catheters, coude tip catheters, funnel end catheters, PVC catheters, olive tip catheters, and lubricate catheters. 

To ease catheter insertion we supply male and female catheters. You can live easily with a catheter. The bag and catheter can be concealed under clothes and you can carry it with you almost anywhere and every day. Catheters are used to voiding the bladder, it provides a urine passage when voiding is not normalized. Urinary accessories we provide are used for the disposal of urine using a urinal. Urine bags are used to hold urine for later disposal especially in cases where the patient is restricted to bed. All these problems can be sorted out using a catheter, don’t wait and buy all types of men, women, and children catheters from DME of America Inc.

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