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Walkers and Rollators

People with limited mobility don’t leave the house unless necessary and the most common reason behind it was the fear of falling.

Limited mobility is a deadly threat to your freedom and confidence. In such cases, mobility equipment like walkers and rollators is one of the best assistance to maintain your mobility. They can help you to maintain your balance whether you are in-home or out. DME of America Inc carries a big collection of walkers, rollators, and knee separators that can help to meet your mobility needs.


A conventional walker has a frame of metal with the purpose to surround the body on three sides. Walkers are available in both two and four wheels as well as with no wheels. Wheels help the walker to move but could cut the control of the device.


Rollators are the same as walkers with some differences. They have three or four wheels. The main difference between a walker and rollator is they have a seat. They are best for those people who are tired quickly while using a walker and require a seat to catch their breath.

You have a fear of falling while suffering disabilities. To meet the mobility requirement rollator walkers and rollators are specially designed for those who are not capable of moving around. Walkers and rollators are based on wheels or rolling walkers. There is still a difference between walkers and rollators. Walkers are based on legs and handles that are being lifted for movements. Whereas rollators consist of wheels and you can push it.

Your body is not able to support your body weight, for that DME of America brings you the most reliable walkers and rollators. Adult Anterior Safety Walker is ideal for clinical therapy and rehabilitation. This adult walker is equipped with 4 wheels if you want to glide across your indoor surface. We designed this walker that is adjustable with a patient’s height. When you apply pressure the walker frame holds the back wheels and you feel movement. Our adult anterior safety walker features adjustable brake spring tension, can gold easily, provide maximum support with improved postures, and 1” increment to adjust your weight. 

DME of America Inc has multiple categories of walkers, bariatric walkers, knee walkers, and rollators. We have Aluminum Rollator, 6” Casters in blue, red, and black color. Our product features a zippered pouch, new seamless padded seats, non-marring casters that have soft-grip tires, deluxe loop locks, and brakes. As we assure our walkers and rollators offer the best solution to mobility, improved posture, and maximum support. Our rollators highlight the Ergonomic handgrip, a frame that is made with the highest quality material, latest designs in different colors, handle heights, and strong wheels. 

Providing you with a variety of walkers and rollators as Lightweight 14lbs Folding 3 Wheels Walker, Walker Basket With Plastic Insert Tray & Cup Holder. The best walkers and rollators are those which fulfill all your mobility needs and our products guarantee you that they are the best rollators. We believe that limited mobility is a deadly myth to your confidence and freedom. So shop the best walkers and rollators from our store.

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