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Wheelchairs at DME of America Inc

Wheelchairs are the best aid for people who can’t walk due to injury, paralysis or can’t balance their own body weight. Wheelchairs are a very supportive device for mobility

With the purpose to obtain its best benefits, it should be necessary to select the right product for you or your loved ones. Here at DME of America Inc, you have a wide range of options to select the best product that can solve all of your mobility challenges. Whether you are suffering from temporary or permanent injury; we offer dozens of manual wheelchairs that can provide multiple assistance at different conditions a user may have. We provide

  • Transport wheelchairs
  • Lightweight wheelchairs
  • Standard wheelchairs

And many others.

Suffering from paralysis, injury, severe arthritis, and any other joint disease or disability wheelchairs are always being helpful in that case/. DME of America has a vast collection of wheelchairs such as a standard wheelchair, transport wheelchair, and lightweight wheelchair. Dozens of manual wheelchairs are available for you no matter if you have a temporary or permanent injury. Our products are always beneficial for disabled people. Silver Sport Full-Reclining Wheelchair is our best wheelchair that has a hydraulic reclining mechanism for suitable adjustment, has a carbon steel frame, 8″ front casters, Rear anti-tippers standard, Metal footplates, mag-style wheels, arm supporting extension, headrest extension having cushion head, and sealed wheel bearings. We hope that our wheelchair gives you comfort and relief. 

We assure you about the support that our wheelchairs provide. Our lightweight wheelchair is one of them represent as Poly-Fly High Strength Lightweight Wheelchair, this wheelchair is best for you as it provides an All-aluminum frame, have two sets wheel lock, swing away footrest that gives you comfort, and is designed with footplates and heel loops. Can bear up to 250 lbs weight. Every wheelchair we supply is durable, apart from it we also have bariatric wheelchairs and sports wheelchairs that are demanded by athletic events. We believe our wheelchairs maintain strength with mobility issues and physical therapy. 

You should always consult with your doctor first. It may be that your pain can be treated, and you can maintain your mobility with a little physical therapy. DME of America Inc not only provides manual wheelchairs but we have a wide variety of power scooters and electric wheelchairs. Customer satisfaction is our success and we believe that purchasing one from DME will be your best choice and we will feel comfort and ease from your joint problems. Don’t wait to order a wheelchair and make yourself feel relaxed with your mobility issues.

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