Contour Cervical Pillow (17-501R)


  • Condition: New.
  • Product Dimension : 19.5″L x 13.5″W x 4″D (3″ at lowest).
  • Item No : (17-501R).
  • Density: Medium.
  • Sleeping Position: Side||Back||Multi.
  • Cover: Velour, Zippered.
  • Material: Memory Foam.
  • Cover Material: Velour.
  • Pillow Size: Standard.
  • Pillow Type: Contour Pillows||Head Pillows||Cervical Pillows.
  • Features:100% Memory Foam, Neck Cut-Out, Contour Shape.





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Contour Cervical Pillow – 100% Memory Foam Comfort & Support

Our new Contour Cervical Pillow incorporates our contour design to perfectly cradle your head and neck for all night comfort. The anatomic design is made from 100% memory foam which molds to fit the unique shape of your head and neck.  Includes a crescent shaped cutout to accommodate your shoulders and positions your head in the center of the pillow for superior orthopedic support. Comes with a soft velour cover.

  • Crescent shape cradles head, neck and shoulders in comfort.
  • Orthopedic design aligns spine for proper sleeping position.
  • Positions head in the pillow’s center for great support.
  • 100% Memory foam molds to fit the exact shape of head, neck and shoulder area for custom support and comfort.
  • Soft velour cover is machine washable and unzips for easy removal.
  • Fits standard pillow cases.


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