Contour Hemp Orthopedic Cervical Support Pillow


Wake up feeling refreshed with Contours new earth-friendly, natural Hemp Pillow. Achieve the great cradling comfort of the Contour patented pillow shape, now with all the natural benefits of Hemp! Providing sleepers, a holistic sleep solution to their pain & discomfort. Designed to provide orthopedic cervical support for your neck, but developed to provide you with a hypoallergenic, cooler night’s sleep.

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  • Hypoallergenic Barrier w/Orthopedic Neck Support & Comfort for a Cooler Night’s Sleep

We know sleep can be painful & complicated sometimes. Finding the perfect pillow, for the perfect position without causing neck, back or shoulder discomfort is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack (which ends up costing you $100’s). Our new Contour Hemp pillow now brings the orthopedic support you need in a pillow, infused with the natural benefits for Hemp for a better night’s sleep!

This orthopedic contour pillow supports your head, neck, shoulders and back keeping them properly aligned to alleviate pressure points & rotation that causes you to wake up in pain and discomfort. With our Hemp infused design, our plush fiber pillow now has natural enhancements to help you sleep better than before!

  • Orthopedic, Patented Shape Pillow – Provides a plush, ergonomic surface to support and align your head, neck & shoulders. By staying properly positioned through the night, it alleviates painful pressure points from your neck, shoulders, and spine, making this an ideal solution for all side, back or stomach sleepers.
  • The Naturally Hypoallergenic – Who wants to deal with allergens getting into your pillow, or deal with rough cotton woven so tightly to create anti dust-mite or allergen barrier that it is hard to even sleep on because of how scratchy it feels? The natural allergen barrier properties found in hemp allows you to get keep out all that out of your pillow, hair and face without rough cotton or harmful chemicals. Hemp itself is naturally resistant to bacteria, mold, mildew, dust mites and bed bugs!
  • Breathable & Moisture Wicking – This natural fiber is lightweight, airy and won’t hold moisture or heat in, providing you a cooler night’s sleep.
  • Durable, Comfortable – Hemp is 4x stronger than cotton, making Hemp the better choice for those looking for products that are durable and long lasting.
  • Contours to You with Regular Use – With regular use, the Hemp pillow will contour to your comfort level. Designed, never to go flat!
  • Substantiable & Eco-Friendly for our Environment – Since Hemp is a bio-natural pesticide, and request half the water to produce, by opting for Hemp friendly products, you are helping the environment by reducing the fresh-water consumption rate, reduction of need for more de-forestation, in comparison to its counterpart, cotton!


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