Drive Medical Nitro Duet Rollator |Rolling Walker and Transport Wheelchair|Red


  • Brand Name : Drive Medical.
  • Color : Red.
  • Casters : 6 inches.
  • Item Weight : 22.0 pounds.
  • Weight capacity : 300 pounds.
  • Inside handle grip width : 17 inches.
  • Handle height: 32 and 37 inches.
  • Rear wheels : 8 inches.
  • Seat depth: 8 inches.
  • Seat to floor height: 20 inches.
  • Seat width: 1.5 inches.
  • Material : Aluminum.
  • Model Number :RTL10266DT.
  • Number of Items : 1.
  • Source Type : Manual.
  • Size : Standard.
  • Style : Transport Wheelchair and Rollator Rolling Walker.
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  • Multifunctioning transport chair allows a user to ambulate independently or be pushed safely by their caregiver by combining features of a rollator and a transport chair into 1 functioning unit.
  • EASILY ADJUSTABLE: Adjusting back support height and 2-positon contoured backrest reverses without tools to easily switch between the dual functions.
  • THE ENHANCED TURNING RADIUS: Caster fork design with large 10-inch front casters enhance the turning radius while maintaining comfort
  • FOLDING DESIGN: Cross-brace functionality allows for added stability and side-to-side folding for storage.



  1. Interior-routed brake cables reside inside the frame for maximized safety;
  2. Color: Red;
  3. Casters: 6 inches;
  4. Front wheels: 10 inches;
  5. Rear wheels: 8 inches; Handle height: 32 and 37 inches;
  6. Inside handle grip width: 17 inches;
  7. Seat depth: 8 inches;
  8. Seat to floor height: 20 inches;
  9. Seat width: 1.5 inches;
  10. Weight: 22 pounds;
  11. Weight capacity: 300 pounds.

In life, we all need a little help at one point or another. Lend a helping hand or give a helping hand to your loved ones that need it with the Drive Medical Nitro Duet Rollator Walker Combo. Whether you’ve got a family friend with a recent operation, medical condition, or even old age, this rolling walker can help your loved ones still get around.

By providing the ability for one to move freely alone or be pushed with care, your independent relative will appreciate the dual functionality.

With a focus on both convenience and comfort, this transport walker stands out against the rest. The walker and wheelchair combo feature all the necessities. Adjustable back support and seat accompanied by soft handles adapt to the needs of the user.

For mobility that is both safe and easy, this multifunctioning seat has interior routed brake cables and a caster fork wheel design. Help your loved ones keep on moving with this Nitro Duet Rollator Walker Combo by Drive Medical.



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