Flip Pillow


  • Product Dimensions: Standard: 29 x 20 x 8 & Queen/King: 29 x 30 x 8.
  • Custom Cover: 100% Cotton, 5 Colors, Available Separately.
  • Care Instructions: Flip Pillow Care.
  • Sleep Position: Back||Side||Stomach||Multi.
  • Wedge Height:8||29.
  • Wedge Width:20||30
  • Wedge Type: Fiber.
  • Conditions: Headaches||Migraines||Glaucoma||Vertigo||Neck Pain||Nursing||Surgical Recovery.
  • Pillow Type: Body Pillows||Head Pillows.
  • Pillow Size: Standard||King.
  • Material: Fiber Fill.




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  • Position yourself for comfort and a great nights’ sleep!
  • Our Contour Flip Wedge Pillow incorporates a unique “flip” design to accommodate your every positioning need.
  • Use it as an elevation pillow, a bed pillow, knee and leg wedge,  or extra body support anywhere!
  • Ordinary pillows can be cumbersome to stack.
  • They fall over and sag, leaving you frustrated and unsupported.
  • Ordinary bed wedge pillows are very large and don’t provide versatile positioning.
  • Now it’s easy to shift your pillow’s position, go from watching TV to falling asleep with just a FLIP of your pillow!


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