IndeeLift |Human Floor Lift| Companion & Caregiver | HFL-300/400


  • Lifts a person weighing up to 300/400 lbs. to a height of 21” above the floor.
  • Beveled seat-front for easy slide-on access.
  • Wired remote for convenient operation.
  • Easy transfer to wheelchair.
  • Self or Assisted operation.
  • Lightweight – 63 – 65 lbs.
  • Small footprint for tight spaces.
  • Powder coated for easy cleaning.
  • Standard AC power.
  • Optional Chest & Waist Belts (HFL-300/400-D).
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The Human Floor Lift (HFL) is made to help people in their homes or care facilities get up from the floor with or without support from others. The patented HFL can be self-managed or assist-operated with the help of a companion or care giver. IndeeLift safely lifts individuals from the floor without further injury to the fallen or any helper/caregiver.

The Human Floor Lift is a purpose-built appliance that comes in two capacities and two configurations. The HFL-300 will support a person up to 300 pounds (136 kg). The HFL-400 will support a person up to 400 pounds (180 kg). The HFL is a self-contained lift intended for use by ambulatory individuals that can sit on and get up from a normal chair; those who might lose their balance and fall or stumble once and a while and need help getting up from the floor.

The HFL-300/400-D option includes a pair of assistive safety belts and mounting hardware. The 300/400-D option is provided to assist those with greater mobility issues. The pair of safety belts can be configured to assist those with muscular disorders and other lower extremity issues that require assistance in normal sitting and transferring situations; those who would benefit from being supported by assistive belts while on and operating the IndeeLift.

A person living alone, places the HFL in a central location in the home and instead of scooting or crawling to the phone to call for assistance they move to the Human floor lift, slide or tilt themselves onto the seat, push the up button and less than a minute later they are up from the floor without any outside assistance. The fallen person gets right back up and gets to move on with their day without having to call for help from family, neighbors or emergency services personnel. When assistance is available, a companion or caregiver can roll the HFL right to the location of the fall and assist with mounting or raising if that is helpful.

The HFL is similar to a household vacuum to move around, even the smallest individual can assist anyone up from the floor because the IndeeLift does all of the work. These lifts are designed to allow mobility challenged individuals greater independence by turning a very difficult and dangerous situation into a non-event and allowing one to continue on with their day after a fall without calling on family, friends, neighbors or emergency services personnel just to get up from the floor while suffering the indignity and pain associated with recovering from falls without the IndeeLift!

The Human Floor Lift truly helps mobility challenged individuals regain and maintain their independence, privacy and dignity by allowing them to safely get up from the floor without outside assistance.

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300 Pounds (136 Kg), 400 Pounds (180 Kg)


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