Maxima Heavy Duty 3-Wheel Scooter-By Pride


Maxima 3-Wheel Specifications:

  • Model :                                  Maxima 3-Wheel.
  • Model Number :                    SC901.
  • Number of Tires :                  3.
  • Front Tires :                            3.6″x10.5″ Solid.
  • Rear Tires :                             3.6″x10.75″ Solid.
  • Maximum Speed :                 Up to 5.8 mph.
  • Ground Clearance :               2.5″ at motor.
  • Turning Radius :                    49″.
  • Length :                                   47.5″.
  • Width :                                     27″.
  • Height Range :                       22.1” – 24.1” “; 22.32″-28.56” w/PES.
  • Deck Range :                          17.13″ – 19.13″; 17.36″-23.61″ w/PES.
  • Color Options :                       Garnet Red (matte); Ocean Blue (matte).
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This Maxima 3-Wheel scooter will take you to new heights

Just when your thought the features couldn’t get better, you have the option to upgrade your mobility scooter by adding a power elevating seat. The optional power elevating seat can help you gain an additional 6.25″ of height. Now, you can access top cabinets, countertops, and other out-of-reach items.

This scooter has a new look. Strength and confidence define the Maxima 3-Wheel Mobility Scooter. In Pride’s lineup, it has the greatest weight capacity of 500 pounds and you get mileage of up to 19.8 miles per charge. Even with those impressive range specs, Pride’s industry-leading engineers managed to squeeze top speeds of 5.8 mph in the Maxima 3-Wheel.

When it comes to rider experience, we’ll start with the 22-inch captain’s style seat with headrest. Adjustable armrests and a limited recline of up to 106 degrees let you find the perfect upright position for your ideal comfort.

Three wheels give you some of the best maneuverability in the heavy-duty mobility scooter class. With a 49-inch turning radius, you can easily navigate tighter corners.

Solid tires that can never go flat. The Maxima 3-Wheel makes it simple to start your journey with a 5-point swivel seat that turns you, the rider, toward the side of your mobility scooter to easily step off. On top of that, low deck clearance puts your feet closer to the ground.

It’s fully loaded with more standard features than before, including a rearview mirror, infinite position tiller lever, USB charger, a seatbelt and a full LED light package featuring a front headlight, turn signals, and rear taillights.

Pride Mobility pushes the limits of what consumers should expect from their mobility scooter with the Maxima 3-Wheel.

Maxima 3-Wheel Features:

  • 500 lbs. weight capacity.
  • Up to 5.8 mph.
  • 49″ turning radius.
  • Up to 19.8 miles per charge.
  • Delta tiller with ergonomic wraparound handles lets you operate the scooter with one hand.
  • Non-scuffing, flat-free tires.
  • Full LED light package include front headlights, turn signals, and rear taillights.
  • New! Infinite position tiller lever (mech lock).
  • Durable and stylish front and side bumper are designed to reduce and prevent damage to your scooter shroud.
  • XLR battery charger on tiller.
  • 22″x18″-20″ High-back black vinyl, depth adjustable, limited recline, 4-point swivel seat and 7″ headrest with 3″ of adjustments.
  • Standard front basket.
  • User-friendly console features ambient voltmeter, horn button, light switch, on/off key switch, speed control and turn signal button.
  • USB mobile device charging port built into tiller for convenient charging of smart phones and portable electronic devices.
  • Optional power elevating seat provides an additional 6.25″ of height to access cabinets, countertops and other out-of-reach items.
  • K0802 Group 1 Very Heavy Duty.


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