Twist Neck Travel Pillow


  • Dimensions: 26″ L x 4″ W.
  • Material: Support Foam.
  • Cover Material: Velour.
  • Pillow Type: Neck & Travel Pillows.
  • Conditions: General Comfort||Neck Pain||Neck Support||Shoulder Support||Travel Comfort||.

Our Incredibly Versatile Neck Pillow! The Twist neck pillow allows you to bend it into virtually any shape you want – and it stays! Perfect for supporting your head and neck, especially during travel. Use it as a leg pillow, a lumbar pillow – the possibilities are endless.



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The World’s Most Versatile Support Pillow!

Your neck is made up of fragile joints, ligaments and muscles — It’s the most vulnerable part of your spine. The Contour Twist Pillow was designed to be positioned exactly the way you want for perfect neck saving relief!

The secret is the internal plastic spine that bends and twists, conforming and HOLDING the pillow in ANY position.

  • “Twist” it for perfect neck & head support while traveling, or at home.
  • Bend it in any position to relieve strain while reading or watching TV.
  • Take it to bed as the ultimate leg pillow that always stays put.
  • Realize all-night neck relief! Shape it for a bed time head pillow.
  • The Contour Twist® can even be used as a custom back support in any chair!
  • Bend it to cradle and comfort your newborn in a snug, secure position.
  • Your children can use it to support their necks during long, sleepy car rides.

The Contour Twist is so versatile, it’ll satisfy everyone’s needs in the house, whether they’re working, sleeping or playing!



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