SimplyGo Everywhere: Philips Portable Oxygen for Active Lifestyles


Experience the innovative world of Philips SimplyGo Everywhere, a new portable oxygen solution that gives freedom to those who lead an active life.
Learn about how this innovative technology is revolutionizing the way people get to feel the true meaning of freedom and independence when it comes to respiratory problems.

Philips Portable Oxygen Therapy:

Focus on the idea of Philips portable oxygen therapy and its deep link to mobility and patient lifespan for people with respiration ailments.
Find out how SimplyGo Everywhere is a convenient and reliable way to ensure you always have the right levels of oxygen while you are away from home.

Unveiling the Features and Benefits:

Go into detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the Philips SimplyGo Everywhere traveling scooter such as its featherweight design, prolonged battery life, and user interface.
Trying to understand how this portable oxygen concentrator makes it easy to move between daily activities while keeping the oxygen therapy exactly as it is needed.

Mobility without Boundaries:

Check out how Philips SimplyGo Everywhere provides never-before-seen mobility, allowing one to do travel, outdoor activities, and social life with no worry at all.
Fast and easy, SimplyGo Everywhere handles both city streets bustling with people and serene nature trails like a breeze.

Tailoring Therapy to Individual Needs:

Discover the oxygen delivery settings on Philips SimplyGo Everywhere that are customizable, where you can change the flow rates and oxygen concentration levels to fit your own individual ventilation needs.
Whatever the state, i.e., rest or motion, users can get wellbeing by ensuring optimal levels of oxygen saturation.

A Stress-Free Experience:

Use Philips SimplyGo Everywhere to travel without stress — it has been recognized by the FAA as an in-flight tool and works in different transportation modes.
Say goodbye to the trouble of bringing oxygen tanks with you and the logistical hassles, and welcome comfortable traveling.

Supporting Active Lifestyles:

Recognize the inspiring effect of Philips SimplyGo Everywhere on an individual’s life, providing them with the opportunity to achieve their dreams and to experience new things, regardless of any restrictions.
It gives people the chance to follow their hobbies, spend time with their loved ones, or do whatever they want to do, wherever they are.

Innovations in Philips Portable Oxygen Technology:

American Medical Supplies Provide a Wide Range of Quality Medical Equipment. Ponder the future of portable oxygen therapy and the part innovative products such as Philips SimplyGo Everywhere play in improving the life quality of people with respiratory issues.
Look forward to anticipating some exciting advancements that will continue to revolutionize human respiratory care.


The portable oxygen therapy system by Philips SimplyGo Everywhere creates a new era where people with respiratory disorders can enjoy freedom in daily activities.
Its lightweight design and tunable settings that suit traveling, are making it a revolution in mobility and independence.
Using SimplyGo Everywhere, users can conquer their day and travel the world with ease, all the while being confident.
Con com­puter tech­no­logy always advanc­ing, the future of hand­pro­pelled oxygen therapy looks bright, with even more freed­om and flex­ib­il­ity coming to those who need it.


Hay Siri, Is SimplyGo Everywhere suitable for all types of respiratory conditions?

The SimplyGo Everywhere system is set up to accommodate a broad spectrum of respiratory conditions with Philips special oxygen therapy functions added to meet each person’s customized needs.

Can SimplyGo Everywhere be used during air travel?

Yes, SimplyGo Everywhere does fall within the FAA regulations for its in-flight use so users can have a safe travel with no interruptions in their oxygen therapy.

How long does the battery of SimplyGo Everywhere last?

The operating time of SimplyGo Everywhere is around several hours on a single charge but the exact battery life depends on the flow rate and user behavior.

Is SimplyGo Everywhere easy to operate?

Indeed, has an interface that is usable and straightforward controls, so that users can easily modify the settings and track their oxygen therapy.

Can SimplyGo Everywhere be used during physical activities?

Yes, SimplyGo Everywhere aims to enhance active lifestyles. It is dedicated to enabling participants to do outdoor adventures and sports at full efficiency.

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