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CPAP, also known as Continuous Positive Airway Pressure, is a treatment used to take care of sleep apnea, a condition where the breathing is interrupted for a few moments during sleep. These moments, which interfere with the quality of sleep, sometimes affect health negatively. CPAP therapy involves running a CPAP machine (DME). That pushes a stream of continuous positive air pressure into the nose and lungs through a mask while sleeping. Unlike continuous positive air pressure, this gentle air pressure keeps the upper airway open, preventing the collapse which causes breathing pauses and ensures breathing continuity for the rest of the night. A Luna G3 APAP device not only proves to be effective but is also crucial in improving one's sleep quality. Numerous scientific trials have reported its effectiveness, including:

  1. I) minimizing daytime sleepiness and fatigue,
  2. II) decreasing chances for high blood pressure and cardiac diseases,
  3. III) enhancing cognitive function and memory. 

AirMini AutoSet Portable CPAP machines come in different types and offer various features, such as adjustable pressure settings and heated humidifiers, aimed at making the experience comfortable for the user. CPAP use takes some time to adapt to but if the machine is used regularly, it will improve the sleep quality of apnea patients quite significantly, as well as enhance their overall health status.