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Accessories CPAP machines not only increase comfort but also convenience and efficiency for people suffering from sleep apnea. Those components are various things, like CPAP itself, which is a main part that helps with the therapy greatly. Accessories CPAP therapy are just as important as the machine itself; these include CPAP masks, headgear, chin straps, tubing, filters, and humidification systems. Accessories CPAP masks have varying designs, from the nasal-only kind to the nasal pillows and the full face mask, catering to an individual's comfort and suitability. The brim facilitates secure breathability, and chin straps make the device more comfortable to use and overlap mouth breathing. With COP, a tube is supplied to the machine, and the air is cleaned through filters. Humidifiers, which add moisture to the air, are a means through which dryness and irritation are reduced. Utilizing these necessary accessories CPAP is deemed necessary to have a better commitment to CPAP since good feeling and quality of sleep are a perfect remedy against any other health problem discrepancies.