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Accessories power wheelchair serve this purpose by making the wheelchair more functional and comfortable, thus helping individuals with special needs, preferences, and tastes. Apart from the foregoing, these facilities also include additional accessories such as cushioned seat covers, armrest pouches, and cup holders, which enable maximum convenience during transportation. Solutions to this problem are to produce accessories power wheelchair add-ons such as joystick knobs and control panel covers to let the users personalize how the equipment will suit their specific parameters. Other frequent add-ons to the accessories power wheelchair include customized footrests, headrests, and slot tables that all offer support and a comfortable seating position throughout prolonged usage. Considering the large variety of accessories available, users can make needed adjustments and tailor their accessories power wheelchairs to their specific lifestyles and mobility requirements. Just like the range of accessories power wheelchairs, which are aimed at daily use or outdoor activities, users can do their daily activities confidently and pleasantly by taking advantage of these accessories, which in turn improve the quality of their lives and make them more independent.