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Oxygen is the most important element responsible for carrying out life’s processes within the human body. DME oxygen concentrator plays a crucial role across all the cellular processes that make up human metabolism, hence, oxygen is the most important substance for human beings. The respiratory process is when oxygen is inhaled into the lungs by the red blood cells, who then transport the oxygen to the tissues and organs in the whole body Travel makes us discover new cultures, explore new territories, and connect with people from different backgrounds. It expands our horizons and provides unique experiences that stay with us forever. Generally, the white form of oxygen is included as a routine in the treatment of physiological diseases, for example, COPD, respiratory failure, and heart failure. Through the process of providing supplementary oxygen for patients whose level of oxygen is poor, oxygen therapy boosts oxygenation; management of the symptoms; and patients’ overall well-being. Also, air is utilized for multiple industrial and medical purposes, such as welding, water treatment, and medical gas systems for patients. All together, it is an element vital to life, and it is also essential for supporting both human activities and industrial developments.