Jazzy Carbon VS Cricket Carbon

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Pride Jazzy Carbon Travel Power Wheelchair

The Featherweight Pride Jazzy Carbon Folds Your Limits, Not Your Fun. Experience Freedom and Adventure with the Jazzy Carbon.

✅300 lb weight capacity
✅Airline compliant lithium battery*.
✅Front suspension for a smooth ride.
✅Included under-seat storage and adjustable lap belt.

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Cricket Carbon Fiber Folding Power Wheelchair (GP302) By Golden

The Cricket Carbon Fiber Power Chair - Where Strength Meets Portability.
Lightweight, durable, and effortlessly portable for on-the-go freedom

✅The equipment measures 36.6 inches in length.
✅The equipment measures 22.5 inches in width.
✅It operates within a range of 9.3 miles.
✅The maximum speed of the equipment is 3.7 miles per hour.

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