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Bemis Clean Shield Raised Toilet Seat 3 Inch Elevated

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Bemis Clean Shield Raised Toilet Seat 3 Inch Elevated
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  • Easily assembled with patented Snap 2 Secure launching package.
  • Weight capacity up to 1000lbs for user ingleside.
  • High-end residential look that can easily be take care of and defend against toilet seat slamming.
  • State of the art reverse funnel design to avoid contact with waste and spills.

Raised seats must be secure to be safe. Our Own exclusively Snap 2 Secure installation system prevents your Clean Shield seat from wiggling or loosening . . . ever! Easy to install, wrench included.The Clean Shield raised toilet seat has a high-end, residential appearance that blends into your bathroom. The 3 inch elevation is virtually unnoticed. The cover provides proper closure when not in use and the smooth, glossy surface matches the ceramic.

Our innovative “reverse funnel” shield design keeps everything in the bowl. The design of the shield “avoids” contact with waste and the discrete styling of the seat “hides” the shield. When needed, the glossy surface is easy to clean.

Special raised hinges on your Clean Shield seat make cleaning very easy. Our hinges allow the cover and ring to be placed in the upright position, providing full access to the seat and bowl. Our seats are smooth and glossy… easy to clean.

A secure seat is very important to anyone who needs an raised toilet seat. Clean Shield has been tested to 1,000 pounds and passes with no issues. Regardless of who you are, our seat will manage you safely and pleasantly.