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eFOLDi Explorer Ultra Lightweight Mobility Scooter (EFLD350) By Afikim

eFOLDi Explorer Ultra Lightweight Mobility Scooter (EFLD350) By Afikim

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eFOLDi Explorer Ultra Lightweight Mobility Scooter (EFLD350) By Afikim:

The Explorer is our ground-breaking, multi-award-winning scooter. This scooter can fold and unfold in seconds and weighs only 37.5lbs (without battery). If you want to take it with you on public transport, put it into the trunk of a car or simply bring it with you anywhere, it's very easy and convenient to do.


  • The eFOLDi Explorer offers a smooth and comfortable ride with its 4-point floating seat suspension and pneumatic tires.
  • It ensures strength and stability with its low center of gravity, pneumatic tires, and a durable forged aluminum alloy frame.
  • Powered by a near-silent integrated SuperPower high torque 240-watt motor, it effortlessly climbs 1:6 gradients.
  • Equipped with a manual cable brake for added safety and control.
  • It's the proud recipient of Sir Richard Branson's Virgin 'VOOM' award.
  • As the world's lightest and most compact folding scooter, it folds down to just 26" x 22" x 16".
  • It can even convert into a chair for resting, offering versatility on the go.
  • With standard 6-hour charging, it's perfect for travel and easily fits into the boot of any car.
  • Its top-quality autoforged aluminum components ensure durability and reliability.

eFOLDi Explorer Ultra Lightweight Mobility Scooter (EFLD350) By Afikim:


  • How fast can my eFOLDi Explorer go?
    The eFOLDi Explorer can travel up to 4mph in slow speed gear switch and 8mph in fast speed gear switch, depending on various factors such as terrain, load weight, and weather conditions. The throttle sensitivity allows for adjustable speed control.
  • What tire pressure should I use?
    We recommend 35 PSI on each of the 3 tires for a comfortable ride in most conditions. Adjust based on terrain and load weight.
  • What size inner tube do I need for a puncture?
    For replacement, you'll need a 12" tube for the front and a 10" tube for the rear tire.
  • How do I change the front tire or inner tube?
    Release the brake and electric cable, then use a spanner to undo the wheel nuts. The front wheel will drop out for replacement using tire levers.
  • What braking system does the eFOLDi Explorer have?
    It features a standard cable rim brake, similar to a bicycle. Engage the brake lock by pulling the lever and pushing the lock into place, but never fold the scooter with the brake lock engaged.
  • How long does the battery take to charge?
    Charging takes up to 5 hours, recommended when voltage display reads less than 24 and fully charged at 29.2.
  • What is the function of the keys?
    The flat keys are for ignition, while the rounded keys release and lock the battery into its compartment.
  • Where is the battery located?
    The battery is housed in the compartment behind the backrest.
  • Can I charge the scooter with the battery inside?
    Yes, you have the option to charge the battery in or out of the eFOLDi Explorer.
  • What is the maximum range on a single charge?
    The eFOLDi Explorer can travel up to 22km or 14 miles on dry, even surfaces.
  • How can I stop seat springs from squeaking?
    Apply PTFE spray to the seat bolts and springs to eliminate squeaking.
  • Is the handlebar or seat height adjustable?
    No, neither the handlebar nor the seat height is adjustable.
  • Can I bring my eFOLDi Explorer on an airplane?
    Yes, you can bring it up to the cabin door, remove the battery, and keep it with you during the flight. The scooter will be stored securely in the hold by the cabin crew.

eFOLDi Explorer Ultra Lightweight Mobility Scooter (EFLD350) By Afikim:


  • Top Speed:    8 miles/hour
  • Range:    Up to 14 miles
  • Weight:    37.5 lbs (Without Battery)
  • Weight:    42 lbs (With Battery)
  • Weight Capacity:    265 lbs
  • Seat Width:    15"
  • Seat Depth:    13"
  • Seat-to-Floor Height:    19"
  • Frame Color:    Silver
  • Frame Type:    Foldable
  • Front Wheel Size:    12"
  • Rear Wheel Size:    10"
  • Unfolded Dimensions:  L48 x W22 x H33 inches
  • Folded Dimensions:  L26 x W22 x H16 inches
  • Battery Weight    3.9 lbs
  • Battery:    12AH / Li-ion
  • Charging Time:    6 hours
  • Motor:    SuperPower high torque 240 watt motor