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WHILL Model C2 Smart Power Wheelchair By Whill

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WHILL Model C2 is WHILL's latest unique power wheelchair:

The WHILL Model C2 is WHILL's latest unique power wheelchair, following in the footsteps of the award-winning Model A and Model Ci. This power chair gives you the confidence and flexibility to explore and carry on living an active lifestyle thanks to its stylish design and cutting-edge technology.

➤ Smart technology for remote operation

➤ Compact size with a tight turning

➤ 5 cms (2" Inches) obstacle clearance

➤ Maximum Weight Capacity 136 kgs (21.5 stones)

➤ Battery Lithium-ion (25.3 V x 10.6 Ah) 269 Wh

Driving Range (full battery charge): Approx. 11 miles
Maximum Speed: 5 mph
Max Incline: 10°
Obstacle Clearance: 2 inches
Turning Radius: 30 inches
Seat Sizes Available: 16″/18″/20″ width
Overall Device Width: 21.8″/23.6″/25.6″
Device Length: 39 in Weight
 Fully Assembled: 116 lbs
Suspension: 4 Wheel Independent
Charging Time: 5 hours
App Enabled: Yes, with remote control
Air Travel Approved: Yes
Swappable Arm Covers: 6 Colors
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
Battery: Lithium-ion (25,3 V 10,6 Ah)
Weather Tested: IPX4
Brake System: Electromagnetic
Drive System: Two Motor Drive System
Tail Lamps: LED light (red)
Wheelchair class: A
Horn: Built-in, sound level> 65dB
Type of rear wheels:  Standard Airless Tire
Type of front wheels: Omni-Wheel



Is there a foldable footplate?

  • The footplate folds up, making it simpler to get in and out of the chair by properly arranging your feet on the floor.

Is a suspension system fitted in the Model C2's front wheel?

  • Inside is the suspension. Furthermore, we also put in the back wheels.

If my smart key is lost, how can I unlock my Model C2?

  • The app may be used to unlock it.

Is it feasible to alter the Model C2's arm cover's colour?

  • You don't need any instruments to modify it yourself.

Is it feasible to adjust the loudness of the sound coming from the Model C2 speaker?

  • It is unchangeable.

Is it possible to control the Model C2 with the left or right hand?

  • You may use either your left or right hand to operate it.

Does the Model C2 smart key come with a waterproof case?

  • It is a standard for everyday use that is water resistant.

Does the locking feature on the Model C2 smart key and the app work the same way? Which is the most important?

  • It still has the same functionality. There is no priority for either. Additionally, you may use the app to lock it and the smart key to unlock it. It's also feasible to go the other way.

Should I take the battery out of the Model C2 if I won't be using it for a while?

  • Remove the battery from the gadget and give it a full charge before keeping it for more than a month. To ensure the gadget functions correctly, charge the battery once a month or more. Additionally, be sure to charge the battery and verify that the gadget functions correctly and safely before using it again if it hasn't been used in a while.

Is the battery going to be overcharged? Should I reload my charge?

  • Because it features an overcharge prevention feature, there is no need to be concerned. Furthermore, there is no renew fee needed.

What is the maximum degree of slope that I may drive on?

  • You may ascend to a slope with a gradient of 17% and an angle of 10 degrees.

How much does the Model C2 weigh?

  • Device total weight: 16" 114.4 LB / 18" 116 LB / 20" 116.4 LB
  • Seat Assembly: 16" 26.9 LB / 18" 28.5 LB / 20" 28.9 LB
  • Rear Drive Base: 42.8 LB
  • Front Drive Base: 38.8 LB
  • Battery: 6.0 LB

When driving, how do I apply the brakes?

  • It will automatically brake and halt when the directional controller assembly is released. Take your hands off the controller early and aim for a margin of safety while stopping on a downhill as the stopping distance will be larger than when jogging on a flat surface.

Does the Model C2 include a backup battery in case the current one runs out while in use?

  • It's possible.

The "Eco", "Normal / Standard", and "Sport" speed settings are available on the Model C2. What is each mode's speed?

  • Eco: Speed display 1: 1.5km / h 2: 3km / h 3: 4.5km / h 4: 6km / h
  • Standard: Speed display 1: 1.6km / h 2: 3km / h 3: 4.5km / h 4: 8km / h
  • Sport: Speed display 1: 1.6km / h 2: 3.6km / h 3: 5.5km / h 4: 8km / h

What security-enhancing technology is included in the Model Ci?

  • Your Model Ci may be simply locked with the optional Smart Key or the iPhone app to prevent unauthorized usage.

How can I get the iPhone apps for the Model C2 and Model A?

  • Please check the Model C2 Quick Start Guide here to log into the Model Ci iPhone app.

Can devices without internet connectivity use the app?

  • The app doesn't require an internet connection to use. Nevertheless, to log in, you need to be online.

The Model C2 can achieve its maximum speed when I use the controller on the device; however, it cannot reach its maximum speed when I use the controller on the app (on the screen of my smartphone). Is it malfunctioning?

  • Regardless of the speed setting or mode, all of the controls on the app (the actions on the smartphone screen) are set at 2 km/h from a safety perspective.


  • Available in 6 colors
  • 300 lb. weight capacity
  • Seat Widths: 16", 18", 20"
  • Simple disassembly for transport
  • Ergonomic controls
  • State-of-the-art Bluetooth connectivity
  • Superior traction and suspension
  • Onboard storage including under seat mesh basket

Key Specs

  • Drive Range: 11.00 miles
  • Top Speed: 5.00 mph
  • Heaviest Piece: 42 lbs.
  • Turning Radius: 29.90"
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 120 lbs