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Wheelchairs are one of the key tools in the mobility aid arsenal that enable individuals with walking problems to move around the world freely. These devices come in various forms: self-powered manual wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs for those who have limited upper body strength, and sports wheeling chair that are designed to reach maximum performance. The wheelchair is one of the lifelines of social inclusion. It is the key that empowers and enables people to access education, jobs, and leisure facilities and to become a distinctive part of society. Modern technologies are passively revising wheeling chair. The lighter material, such as aluminum and carbon fiber, improves portability, and, therefore, features like adjustable seating and leg rests guarantee the best support and comfort. Wheelchairs not only relieve individuals' physical burdens but also keep them self-reliant and confident. They signify steadfastness, and this is a symbol of the triumph of the human spirit which can conquer difficulties in its path. Wheelchairs represent the path to a more inclusive society whereby each person has the chance to live a meaningful and independent life.