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Wound care is a significant aspect of healthcare that aims at the treatment and the management of injuries to ensure it heal as quickly as well as possible and to curb complications. Proper wound care is the process of cleaning the wound, using prevention dressings, and being watchful in case there are occurrences of infections or other complications. The main objective of wound care is to contribute to this process of the body as far as possible while neutralizing the infection risk and focusing on the ideal outcome. The components of wound care, such as examining the degree of the Wound Care, and curing the addiction layer, which will retard the healing of the wound, should be carefully considered. In addition, follow-up and monitoring should also be provided. By applying evidence-based methods and regularly monitoring for suitable changes, the healthcare team can meet the patient's expectations. Proper wound care helps the body heal faster than it otherwise could, so it is a fundamental part of recovering from injuries for those people whose quality of life can be improved through healing.